• Flexibility for students and/or administrators to select and match pairs or groups of roommates
  • Removes the guesswork from roommate matching and creates efficiency
  • Promotes early lease renewal through increased roommate satisfaction
  • Customizable Questions and Communications
  • Ease of use, integrates seamlessly with housing management platforms
  • Adaptable to gender neutral housing and supports Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives
  • Web-based, responsive technology integrates with housing and residential life software systems to enable single sign-on for users


  • Empowers students to select roommates through informed decision making
  • Ease of use: response technology for mobile, tablet & laptop devices
  • Generates uniquely-tailored summary of qualities to seek in roommate(s)
  • Recommends rank-ordered matches based upon specific traits to seek
  • Communications tools for early dialogue

Roommates Connect Screenshots