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Our Story

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Compatibility was founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Andrea Yusim Meltzer and Dr. Kim Rubenstein.


Andrea, a business professional with an MBA from the University of Chicago owned and managed a successful executive search and organizational consulting firm and her colleague, Dr. Kim Rubenstein, completed training in both organizational and clinical psychology. Her professional experience included being a graduate-school faculty member, clinician, and working in business consulting.


Andrea was compelled by a pattern in which an employee's decision to leave (or if the decision was made for them), was seldom a function of their technical skills and competencies. In fact, the most common reason a person was leaving was attributed to relationships and relationship experience.


Think chemistry.


At the same time, Andrea recognized that 1/3 students leave the college or university where they begin their studies within the first six months (often attributing to a bad roommate experience). 


Dr. Rubenstein's research experience and interests were related to the question as to how attachment styles, life experiences, and personality factors influence perceptions of support in school or at work.  She was most interested in the role relationships play towards human development.


Together, they were committed to continuing the research and finding a solution to the important question of the supportive role relationships play in one's development in a system and their decision to stay.


After having conducted a national study on the role of relationships, productivity, and retention, it became clear that there is a general lack of understanding of the importance of social connection in academic and business communities. 


In fact, retention and persistence are connected to theories of marginality & mattering, identity development, a felt sense of community, and other factors that include personality attributes, behavioral styles, and attitudes. When people feel seen valued and heard, they feel a sense of belonging and are more likely to stay.  


Relationships matter!


Together, they embarked on a journey to build a model that looked at pairing people more successfully than had ever been accomplished within academia or the world of work. Their emphasis was on the predictive aspects of relationship DNA that, when paired, could poise relationships and relationship experiences for great success. What they learned was both promising and groundbreaking.

Sometimes it's the differences that exist amongst all of us that make all the difference. 


When people are matched on both intra- and inter-personal areas of similarity and differences, the relationships are far more likely to succeed.  While there is a natural tendency for people seek out others who appear just like themselves; this is not a recipe for relationship success.


Utilizing findings from years of research, they continued their journey of applying  their methodology of matching people on unique areas of similarities and differences demonstrated to be predictive of relationship satisfaction to create world-class roommate and mentor matching technology solutions. 


Their commitment continues as they build ground breaking technologies that create more connected and committed communities in the environments in which we live, learn, and work. 


We are committed to building products that result in successful relationships that motivate employees and students to thrive.


Our Leadership Team

headshot of Andrea

Andrea Yusim Meltzer, MBA

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Relationship Officer

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head shot of Kim

Kim Rubenstein, M.A., Psy.D.

Co-Founder, Research + Product

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