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Cloud-Based, Rank-Ordered Matching

The only scientifically validated roommate matching technology available that matches pairs and groups on unique psychosocial human-attribute data

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Proven Successful

Proven success with the highest client renewal rate in the industry

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Psychometric Assessment

Utilizes proprietary, psychometric assessment and matching algorithm developed by doctorate-level professionals

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Our Science

Integrates key personality traits, attitudes, behaviors, and preferences scientifically proven to influence compatibility

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Satisfaction Outcomes

Recommends rank-order matches based on unique blends of similarities and differences which have the highest statistical correlation with roommate satisfaction

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Property Managers and
Residential Life Administrators

  • Flexibility for residents and/or administrators to select and match pairs or groups of any size

  • Removes the guesswork from roommate matching

  • Creates efficiency through automated evidence-based matching that reduces likelihood of roommate conflict

  • Promotes early lease renewal through increased roommate satisfaction

  • Customizable questions and communications

  • Ease of use, integrates seamlessly with housing management platforms

  • Adaptive to non-binary housing, while supporting multicultural and diversity initiatives

  • Cloud-based, responsive technology integrates with housing and residential life software systems to enable single sign-on for users


  • Empowers residents or managers to select roommates through informed decision making

  • Ease of use: responsive technology for mobile, tablet, and laptop devices

  • Generates uniquely-tailored summary of qualities to seek in roommate(s)

  • Recommends rank-ordered matches based upon specific traits

  • Communications tools for early dialogue

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How It Works For Users

  • Participants are guided through customized and Compatibility matching- assessment questions

  • Participants then upload a picture and complete a user profile 

  • Participants can view and favorite recommended matches

  • Participants can contact and request others through the platform

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How It Works for Program/Housing Managers

Program Managers are walked through an online set-up wizard that allows you to create your program

  •  Select Dates for completing the matching assessment

  •  Choose room/apartment configurations

  •  Create matching pools of students, per living criteria and/or population

  •  Add customized match-filter questions unique to your property 

  •  Compatibility Questions will be used to rank-order best fit matches

  •  When ready - match users within their respective groups, no matter the size!

Full Customer Service Experience

Roommate Connect has been developed as an easily integrated platform that allows for single sign-on into any residential or other management system.

Designed for ease of use, the program is both intuitive and flexible to accommodate your needs.

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