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Data-Driven Mobile and Web-Based Mentoring Platform

Recognizing that no two mentor programs are alike, we devoted years to researching and identifying the predictive characteristics of successful matches within different types of mentor programs.

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Assessments and algorithms yield matches based upon unique blends of similarities and differences

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Enriches Experience

Provides academic, professional and social support

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Supports Development

Promotes personal & professional development through goal attainment

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Individuals or Groups

Offers individual and group/cohort matching

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Turns personality and behavioral data into actionable insights and practical tools

Unique Matching Algorithms Based on Type of Program

Relationship compatibility or “chemistry” is determined by combinations of personality (relatively stable traits), behaviors, preferences, and attitudes (less stable, adaptive states).  


While most mentoring programs have “must have” questions /criteria required for matching mentors and mentees, these are not necessarily predictive of compatibility.  However, they are very important as a first-level order of matching to support the purpose of the program. 


Evidence-based mentoring success is, at minimum, equally determined by quality of pairings or groupings.  Therefore, with Mentor Connect users can filter and find matches, while adding a layer of rank-ordered fit, based uopon the science of relationship DNA.  

Corporate Mentoring ​Programs

Attract, develop, and retain talent for each phase of the employee lifecycle


  • Adaptive to any type of organizational mentoring initiatives

  • Web & mobile-based

  • Integrates with performance management and other systems to enable single sign-on for users

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We understand there may be multiple types of programs within an organization, including mentor, sponsorship, coaching, and affinity groups. 


Many of these types of programs are designed to create equity, providing opportunies for growth and advancement of under-represted members of the community.


With this in mind, our technology features a dashboard through which any number of programs may be customized for matching participants, monitoring engagement and substantiating ROI. 

Example Types of Programs

We generate matching algorithms for each type of program


Integrating new employees into an organization and facilitating their transition​

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Creating inclusive communities that value individual and cultural differences, while supporting equity and development of under-represented populations within the professional community

Succession Planning

Creating a career path and identifying experiences for individuals to advance within a designated period of time​



Pairing a person from one generation with one from another to foster mutual learning and growth and eliminate skills gaps that exist between generations​


Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills and cultivating relationships​


Skill and Competency Development

Developing specific job-related skillsets, re-skilling and up-skilling​


Career Path

Professional development on specific career trajectories​​​


High Potential

Developing skills and behaviors to support career growth​



Fostering creativity and implementation of new ideas



Bringing colleagues together to share expertise, provide education, knowledge transfer, and support


Reverse Mentoring

Pairing junior employees with more senior employees



Short-term goal identification and attainment

Academic and Community Mentoring ​Programs

Promoting engagement, retention, early-career, and overall career success


  • Adaptive to any type of mentoring initiatives

  • Web and mobile-based

  • Integrates with Learning Management and other systems 

  • Engages students, faculty, and alumni

  • Fosters civic and community engagement

  • Supports career services

  • Helps strengthen community partnerships

  • Strengthens alumni relations/engagement

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Example Types of Programs​

We generate matching algorithms for each type of program

First-Year Students

Facilitating and Supporting New Student Transition and Adjustment

First Generation

Helping first generation students navigate the college/university experience to promote Engagement, Persistence and Success


Student to Student relational experiences to foster growth, enrichment and connection or Faculty to Faculty



Career Exploration for job attainment and early career success



Providing Guidance and Support to Students



Developing Leadership Competencies


Multicultural/Specific Populations and Allies

Supporting Identity Development through Awareness, Knowledge and Skill-Building with the goal of Academic and Personal Success for historially marginalized communities



Supporting Students toward Academic Engagement and Persistence

Easily Integrate With Third Party Applications

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