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Evidence Based Matching that Promotes Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion

Our work in creating matching algorithms was grounded in pre-existing research on the importance of individual and cultural differences. We tested many of these assumptions…and they turned out to be true.

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Personality Dynamics

Similarities and differences that exist within and amongst all of us are of central importance towards meaningful and productive relationships.

Our hybrid matching methodology allows you to create any number of custom-matching questions, while our research-based algorithms incorporate various human attributes to rank-order for best fit. 

Not only are people matched on attributes important to your institution or programs, but the matches are more poised for success because we explore who would most likely be a best fit based on deeper understanding of personality dynamics.

Our methodology reduces implicit bias in the matching process.

We study and understand personality, attitude, and behavioral characteristics.

We don’t match on single constructs. We know that matching on just one aspect of a person is likely to miss many more fundamental areas of connection needed for a successful relationship.

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Harnessing the Data of Relationships to Maximize Your Success

From inclusion and engagement to retention, profitability, and development—at the core of great outcomes are productive people and relationships.

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