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Our Algorithms Match for Success

Our sophisticated matching algorithms are always exploring “If this, then that” when deployed. They consider many unique combinations across varied contextual situations of relationships—whether at work or school—rank-order best fit matches most poised for success.

Scientifically-Validated Matching Algorithms

We utilize a deep-learning methodology based on advances made in both technology and science. Our research-based algorithms incorporate data, train themselves to recognize patterns and then predict who should be working together in pairs or groups to optimize success. 

Machine learning has confirmed that matching people on internal similarities AND differences holds predictive value as to whether or not the relationship will be successful.

We study and understand personality, attitude, and behavioral characteristics. We don’t match on single constructs because we realize that matching on just one aspect of a person is likely to miss many more fundamental areas of connection needed for a gratifying and productive  relationship.

Screen shot saying "it's a match!"

What Makes Compatibility Unique

Connects people for engagement, retention, and success

Reduces implicit bias in the matching process by incorporating similarities and differences

Developed by doctorate-level professionals

Uses psychosocial data to predict successful relationships

Offers flexibility with customizable features

Transforms relationship experiences into meaningful, actionable data by leveraging AI and machine learning

Explore Our Data-Driven Products

Mentor Connect

Data-driven mentor program creation and automation that is grounded in relationship research and program outcome data

Asian businessman looking at another person over a laptop
Two teenage guys playing video games on a couch

Roommate Connect

Premier roommate matching product delivering great outcomes through breakthrough matching methodology

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