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The Neuroscience and Impact of Social Connection

Neuroscience has long identified the desire to feel connected to others as a basic human need (Lieberman, 2013). What's important is choosing the kind of social connection that is good for you.

What We Know From Science

  • Our brains are responsive and motivated by positive social experience. 

  • Relationships have a significant impact on both mental and physical health and, therefore, overall well-being.

  • How one experiences their value, which is mirrored through social experience, is correlated with levels of self-worth, productivity, and overall performance. 

Social Connection Plays an Essential Role in Student and Employee Experience.


  • When members of a community feel as if they are seen, valued, heard (and belong), they engage, commit, and hold themselves more accountable.  


  • These factors influence one’s determination to persist.

Relationships Really Do Matter!

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Understanding a person's story sets the foundation for a goal-directed relationship that lasts.

Defining Relationship

Human experience brings many types of relationships. Each is unique, with its own meaning, value, purpose, and overall experience.

When relationships are healthy, they provide us with a safe space to explore, learn, and grow.

Every person (and every system) has its own story: its own history of experiences, dynamics, and characteristics.

Understanding another’s story creates productive connections and helps set the foundation for goal-directed relationships that last.

3 Types of Relationships

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Individual Relationships


Connection between two people that can have a dramatic impact on everyday life. An individual relationship is powerful—it can influence a person's decision to stay at school, work, or in a community. 

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Team, Group, or Cohort Relationships


Connection between multiple individuals, usually focused on some type of shared goal(s) that serves a larger purpose for the team, organization, or community.

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Hybrid Relationships


Connection between an individual and a larger entity such as a program, organization, or community. 

Personality and Relationships


Personality attributes—such as one’s ability to see their role in their problems, feelings of connectedness to various aspects of their identity, self-esteem, motivation, purpose, and values—all work together to influence our daily experiences.

Personality also influences how we relate to and work with others.

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When understood, personality attributes can be identified and used in relationships as a supportive tool for growth.

Our primary objective is to identify the best connections to inspire members of your community to commit and perform at their highest potential.

Relationships and

Intrinsic Motivation


Strong relationships inspire us to perform at our best. 

Relationships provide a mirror that influences our perceived senses of value, purpose, and belonging.


  • They strongly influence our intrinsic motivation to work hard and do well.

  • When we feel seen, valued, and heard, we tend to complete tasks simply for enjoyment of the task. Our motivation comes from within. Why?

Social Identity


Social identity is defined by the degree to which how I feel about myself as a member of the organizational system is reflected back to me by the organization, perhaps through a roommate, peer, faculty member, supervisor, or team.

Without an identity that matters, students and employees find themselves unfulfilled and underperforming.


Therefore, it’s critical to tap into and support (or even ignite) the intrinsic motivation of members of your community.

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We utilize relationship DNA that, when used to connect people, unlocks intrinsic motivation—a key to support satisfaction, cohesion, and success.

The Best Social Connections

Compatibility identifies the best social connections in your community, inspiring your members to commit and perform to their highest potential. 

Our primary objective is to help build individual and group alignment/cohesion based on relationship DNA that, when paired to connect people, unlocks intrinsic motivation, a key to success.

We identify impactful relationships in your community, driving more value through your most highly valuable asset...your people.

When Relationships Aren't Productive

When relationships aren’t productive in the workplace or at school the result is costly, both to people and your bottom line.

We provide solutions that help you learn through the eyes and hearts of your community.

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Relationships Matter.

Talk to us about how we can improve your community's experience through impactful relationships that will drive more value through your most highly valuable asset: YOUR PEOPLE.

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