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Powered by Human Attribute Data


Powerful and Customizable

  • Match people to key developmental relationships in any sector, including corporate, academic, and community based organizations.

  • Match person to person, individuals, pairs and groups/cohorts.

  • Set goals, measure progress, schedule meetings, hold discussions, and measure impact.

Dashboard Showing Admin Control

Dashboard Showing Admin Control

Communication Reports

  • Our AI generates a strengths-based communications report based upon how participants respond to assessment questions.​​

  • Tips and hints are provided to help provide insights for mentors to support communication efforts

  • The report serves as an invaluable tool to

    • facilitate rapport

    • Inform and enrich the relationship

Dashboard Showing Communication Reports

Dashboard Showing Communication Reports

Detailed Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

  • Engagement data

    • Participation, milestones achieved, etc.

  • Quality interaction data (notes)

  • Impact Data (outcomes)

  • Intervene through direct messaging

Real time data reported in

Manager Dashboard

Customizable Impact Survey measures outcomes and informs program effectiveness

Analytics Dashboard Showing Engagement Data

Analytics Dashboard Showing Engagement Data

Our deep-learning algorithms are continuously evolving, learning from each outcome. The solution then fuels those findings back into the assessment questions.

graphic of head from the side with data in it

Ease of Use Web and Mobile

graphic of desktop website interface
graphic of mobile website interface
graphic of mobile website interface
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