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Our matching process and research-based methodologies that drive our algorithms bring people together in ways that reduce implicit bias in the matching process.  We match on unique areas of similarity and differences associated with relationship success.

graphic with multiple choice answers about friends


Customize and automate your matching algorithm(s) to meet the objectives of your program. 


Customize matching questions according to the objectives of your program. 

Determine if you want to match mentors and mentees, have them search and find one another, or use a hybrid.

Matches are rank-ordered for best-fit according to our research-based algorithms

sample graphic of our matching interface
our interace showing matches


Our AI generates a strengths-based communications report. This report serves as a tool for participants to learn about the people with whom they will be working.

The report also helps those matched to develop rapport and deepen the relationship.

chart showing how our AI works


Our data-driven platforms provide customized communication tools and analytic dashboards for the Program Manager(s) to monitor engagement in real time and intervene when necessary.



  • Meetings

  • Goal attainment (programmatic and personal)

  • Meeting Reviews



  • Customize and Automate

    • Notifications remind users of upcoming meetings, goals attained, messages sent and received

  • Program Managers

    • Customize check-ins and impact surveys

    • Monitor user engagement and send messages directly from the dashboard

chart showing our analytics


Recognizing that our customers are devoting time and resources to programs, we provide community insights and impact data so that our customers can see and feel the value of their investment in their strongest asset...their diverse communities.

Evaluate Results and ROI 

  • Impact Surveys & Check-Ins

  • Results of participation

  • Results of program and personal goals

  • Reviewing types of goals participants have created

  • Reviewing meeting notes and ratings

  • Results of program and personal goals

chart showing our ROI and analytics
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