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From Helplessness to Empowerment: Creating New Opportunities Following Change and Loss

Updated: Apr 10

scissors cutting a piece of paper that says "I can't do it" so that it says "I can do it"

Systematic change has been imposed upon all of us as a result of Covid-19. It’s traumatic….and trauma can be scary and disorienting. What is now normal isn’t normal at all. Rapid change has occurred on a level none that of us has ever experienced. It can be very confusing to know what is “real.” In fact, for many, it’s “surreal.”

Relationally, we are used to living in families with predictable dynamics, while also accustomed to working with team members in a company that has its own cultural imperatives. Boundaries and structure have shifted.

The reality is that many of us have experienced terrible loss and are in grief. So much is out of our control, yet we must focus on what we can do versus what we can’t.

Despite the external circumstances that have changed our inner worlds, we are empowered more than we realize.

In fact, difficult times provide a tremendous opportunity for growth and change.

While not easy, we too must shift to a more optimistic mindset, For example, we have the freedom to make new choices, to think outside of the box and become more creative and innovative. We can even work on our daily relationships that have long been impaired. It begins with healthier dialogues.

While it’s normal to feel helpless, this is not a time to be helpless. Given the shared experience of these difficult times, a collective empathy has formed within our family, social networks and work communities… and perhaps even within the larger global culture. We’re not helpless because we’re not alone, even if we feel otherwise.

Whether or not this is the first systematic trauma we’ve lived through, we’ve learned a lot. We’re individually and collectively united and stronger. As a result we’ve become more resilient with the ability and strength to accept and adapt to this new normal. We can realistically look ahead with optimism and hope.

Perhaps this is our call to action.

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