Seeking a Mentor? 5 Tips to Consider

Whether seeking a promotion, change of job, or considering a career transition, one of the strongest career moves is to connect with others. Seek Advice. Seek Counsel. Build relationships. Ask people their stories.  Sounds easy. Not always. Unless you step up and make a move, inertia may become your reality. So where do you begin? Draw a circle. Put yourself in the middle. Draw […]

See Me and Care. You’ll Get My Personal Best

“Disadvantaged employees have equal potential as their more privileged counterparts in the organizational system.” (Side Note: Equal “potential” is not equivalent to equal opportunity.) While the introductory statement is expressed in a positive manner, it is fueled by negative assumptions (categorical labels) that highlight unequal distributions of power. We can do better. Although labels can […]

Mentoring Benefits the Organization as Much as its Employees

While one’s resume may open the door to landing at a dream place of employment, will the acceptance indicator (the “yes”) be predictive of (or even correlated with) long-term engagement, persistence and success?  The answer may surprise you. The decision to accept an employment offer confirms for the applicant that they feel “seen” and important […]