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The Leader in Evidence-Based Matching for

High-Stakes Relationships

The Match Matters

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Customizable, cloud-based, responsive technology—seamlessly integrated into other technology platforms

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Scientific Algorithms

Proprietary, scientific algorithms researched and developed by doctorate-level professionals

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Similarities & Differences

The only matching technology that considers similarities and differences

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Predictive Analytics

Generates matches and communication reports; establishes and monitors and measures goal progress, engagement, and impact

Mentor Connect

Data-driven mentor program creation and automation grounded in relationship research and program outcome data

Roommate Connect

Developed by doctorate-level professionals, the most effective method for successfully matching roommates 

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Cutting-Edge Matching Technology

Customize filter-to-match questions and our science rank orders for best-fit

The Compatibility Advantage 

We are wired for human connection.  When relationships are healthy, they inspire our intrinsic motivation to challenge ourselves to reach our highest potential.

As the industry leader, Compatibility leverages the DNA of relationships by turning diverse human attribute data into meaningful and impactful connections which strengthen engagement, retention and, ultimately, community.

Grounded in research, our data-driven roommate-matching and mentor platforms provide best-fit matches and real-time dashboards to help monitor the success of your roommate and/or mentor program initiatives.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
& Belonging

Our matching algorithms are grounded in scientific research on the importance of individual and cultural differences.  We've completed extensive research, demonstrating that unique pairings of areas of similarity and differences that exist amongst all of us are of central importance towards creating meaningful and productive relationships.

Harnessing the Data of Relationships to
Maximize Your Success

From inclusion and engagement to retention, profitability and development, at the core of great outcomes are productive people and relationships.

Regardless of your mission, product or service, Compatibility’s proprietary, research-based methods and data will match, develop and measure individual, group and team performance in virtually any environment.

We look forward to
supporting you!

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